The growing trend in retail is to build new facilities with polished, "maintenance-free" concrete floors. While these floors may indeed remain polished and maintenance-free in mild climates, one winter in the snow belt can leave even brand-new concrete floors looking dull and drab with substrate showing through--especially in high-traffic locations. Factor in the etching caused by a dropped jar of pickles or barbeque sauce, and these floors can really start looking rough within a few months of a grand opening.
For the past several years, Carlson has been working with a growing list of clients helping them maintain floors that were first sold as maintenance-free. We've found sealers and waxes that adhere to these surfaces. We've also worked closely with a handful of industry partners, testing and improving on cost-effective techniques for restoring polish to concrete floors. If you have a need to restore polish to your concrete floors, we invite you to contact us today.
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