Dry-shake concrete hardeners have been used on concrete floors for many years. Dry-shake material consists of cement, pigment, special aggregates and sometimes also includes powdered admixtures. Decisions to use dry-shake in retail typically stem from a desire to greatly reduce long-term floor maintenance costs and efforts. But, in high-traffic environments, they often create new and different challenges instead.

Carlson has extensive experience with dry-shake floors. After a substantial investment in dry-shake, one of our largest clients eventually called us for help when the dry-shake material wore off and the underlying aggregate began showing through.

After dozens of tests, our team finally hit on the right combination of cleaning agents, sealers, waxes and the overall process required to restore both the color and shine to floors that had become little more than bare cement. If you are having trouble with your dry-shake—or other similar concrete surfaces—please contact us to see how we may serve you.
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