What shade of green are you? Some clients dip their toe in the "green pool." Others jump in with both feet. No matter where you are on the green spectrum, Carlson has solutions for you. At Carlson, we feel a true green cleaning program should take into account both the energy efficiency of the cleaning equipment as well as the materials used to create that equipment.
In some environments, Carlson utilizes floor scrubbers that use less water, less chemicals, and are made from post-consumer plastics. We also source green-certified HEPA vacuums that use less energy and maximize air quality.

For "extreme green" requirements, even our mops count. Today, we source bamboo-handled mops that air-dry overnight and use 100% recycled fibers from PET plastic bottles. As needs and offerings in the industry continue to change, Carlson continues to adapt our offerings to provide the right mix of green and performance.
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