After 50 years, Carlson knows floors very well. For many, we've become floor care consultants. When clients, or prospective clients, run into unique challenges they've not encountered before, they often look to us to help them craft a solution.

In the case pictured above, one of our retail clients had previously paid for acid staining of several large floor tiles. But, within a relatively short amount of time, the expensive process began wearing off—particularly in high-traffic areas.

Eventually, we were asked if we could solve this problem with a more timely and cost-effective solution. After a fair amount of research and testing, we did indeed create a process that is significantly less expensive and much easier to implement at a store level.

This example illustrates our desire and ability to solve the challenges our retail partners face. If you have a floor-care challenge you can't solve, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your needs further.
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